Ray of Light Mural & Mosaic | Buffalo, NY – Masten Park

This mural is in honor of all those people whose lives have been affected by domestic violence, bullying and despair. Presented by Buffalo Arts Studio: Mural designed by Augustina Droze, Created by Augustina Droze & Chuck Tingley;Mosaic designed by Augustina Droze & Megan McElf, Created by Megan McElf, McElf GlassWorks.

​Built October 2015​, Masten Park, Buffalo, NY​

à la Peacock | Private Residence

I loved to watch birds with my Grandfather – Pops – and we often teased the mighty Peacock and all his plumage. But clearly, there’s an implicit challenge in that plumage more than a passing fancy: artists and designers have tried so hard to make adequate impressions of those fine feathers for century after century. I guess at the end of the day, I just wanted my own go. Read more about the project here:

Built in 2016 and now in a private residence in South Carolina.

Madison Square Project | Philadelphia, PA

Stained Glass Transom with Kilnformed Elements for Historic Row House Bow Window in Philadelphia, PA. Design incorporated handmade glass, sandblasting, cast and kilnformed elements with metal overlays – thus, piece was not only constructed on a curve but had 3-D elements.  Was installed as a custom double paned window with protective glass to the exterior so air vents were necessary to construction in addition to internal reinforcement. Set on a 4’6”R, center panel measured 2’w x 3’H & side panels measured 9”w x 3’h.

Notable Projects & Commissioned Work

Pieces made for the enjoyment of others at their request. These are all pieces designed in a partnership with customers and their hopes and dreams

Private Work

A variety of projects made for exhibitions and the private enjoyment of glass-lovers across the country fueled by my own interests and passions.

“e-scapes” Series

This series of kilnformed “mini-landscapes” speak to the places that I’ve called home, which I’ve been lucky enough to always have involved water. The series has inspired larger pieces for private projects. Whimsical, but with a great deal of depth, the pieces are fun to create and allow me a great deal of freedom from piece to piece which ensures that I never grow tired of making them.